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Guaranteed to Offend!

I caved and did this meme. I suck.

General 'Ship Meme (Het, Yaoi, and Yuri.)
Your first fandom and pairing? Uh. Hard to say. It's been so long. My first fandom in the sense of the word as I understand it now was probably Final Fantasy X, but earlier, Sandman certainly presents a possibility. Pairings? Not so easy to define.
The fandoms in which you read?I, er, don't read much. Occasional bits of Fullmetal Alchemist, various Final Fantasies, Hellblazer, and Sandman (hey, if Book of Dreams doesn't count as fanfic...). Other stuff I just have random opinions about.
The fandoms in which you write?I write very little fanfic--a little Fullmetal Alchemist, a little FFX. I RP (or have RPed) in FMA, a number of FFs, Kill Bill, Witch Hunter Robin, Sandman, Hellblazer, eventually Dead Like Me. Probably some others I've forgotten.
Your favorite Het pairings?Hawkeye/Mustang, Ed/Rose (yes, it's on crack, no, it'll never end well, that's the whole point), Edge/Rydia, Nooj/Paine, and Amon/Robin for the UST (their relationship is far too weird for anything good and stable to come out of it romantically)
Your favorite Yaoi pairings?Greed/Kimblee. Because it's hot. Also an occasional guilty fondness for young!Hughes/Mustang, which I treat with extreme caution because of my feelings about the pairing later in continuity.
Your favorite Yuri pairings?I, uh, don't really have many. Which, given my own preferences, is kind of sad. But, uh, Winry/Scieszka would be adorable.
Favourite genres?I'm not exactly familiar with how these work, at least not enough to say what my favorites are. But I do have a bit of a weakness for really mockable tentacle pr0n. :D
Least favorite Het pairings?Auron/Rikku. Vincent/Yuffie. Ed/Winry, not because it's inherently bad but because of the way the fangirls treat it. Too many people get into a series assuming without question that the hero will wind up with some pretty girl (or, I suppose, the nearest pretty man, but let's not even go into that). So the moment a hint of a potential relationship crops up, it becomes The New Canon. The goal of all activity within the series and the fandom becomes to hook Hero up with Girl, because of course it has to be all about romance. (I could do a whole 'nother rant on the subset of this population that produces Spike/Faye.) Never mind Hero's issues. In Ed's case, I think he cares very much about Winry, and some part of him recognizes that if he gets involved with her now, he'll screw it up horribly--and that it's the one relationship he can't afford to screw up. So he's likely to shift from one doomed relationship to the next until he's finally ready to come home to Winry--and he'll really have to work out his issues before doing that. And for me, that's just not the fun part of the fandom.
Least favorite Yaoi pairings?Just about anything in the various FFs save for Cid/Vincent, which I can tolerate if it's done well (which it rarely is). Don't get me started on Jecht/Auron, which I've seen way too much of, or, worse yet, Auron/Tidus, which I have seen mercifully little of. Ed/any of the standard popular pairings--Al, Roy, Envy. Married!Hughes/Mustang.
Least favorite Yuri pairings?Haven't seen many.
Least favorite genres?Other than the ones which outright disturb me, I...don't really know.
The best overall fanfic author you've read? idea.
Why?See above.
The best story you've ever read?Likewise no idea!
The best story you have written?I don't write much, so...probably 'Her Terms.' That is, the desksex fic.
The worst story you have written?Like I'm telling.
Do you leave feedback?Occasionally.
Do you get feedback?Sometimes.
Do you have any specific squicks?Pairing the brooding older guy with the perky girl half his age. Hate.
Do you have any specific pairings that squick you?Oh yeah. Pairing Auron with pretty much anybody makes me twitch. He's so very asexual to my mind.
How much time do you spend reading/writing?Fanfic? Not much.
Have you made friends via your 'shipping?...not that I know of.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about? The one that irritates you the most to see broken up. (Het.)Well, I suppose there might be people who'd try to break up Maes and Gracia--note that I don't even use the / there because I don't consider Hughes's marriage to be a pairing so much as an integral part of his character. But, uh. Those people are idiots. The actual pairing that I dislike most seeing broken up, I suppose, is Hawkeye/Mustang.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about? The one that irritates you the most to see broken up. (Yaoi.)There aren't any yaoi pairings I feel this way about, 'cause there aren't really any significant canon male/male pairings in my fandoms.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about? The one that irritates you the most to see broken up. (Yuri.)See above.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about negatively? The one that irritates you the most to see in any way. (Het.)Auron/Rikku. ROT IN CREEPY PEDONECROPHILIC HELL.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about negatively? The one that irritates you the most to see in any way. (Yaoi.)On an intellectual level, Ed/Al, because EW WRONG; on a gut level, Auron/Jecht, not because it's all that wrong (I've seen much, much worse in the FFX fandom alone), but because of a particularly annoying Jecht player who scarred my poor brain. And for some reason Ed/Envy disturbs me even more than Ed/Al on a visceral level.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about negatively? The one that irritates you the most to see in any way. (Yuri.)Never really seen enough yuri to care.
What do you think of crossover pairings? Dumb, dumb, dumb. I've done them once or twice in RP, because these things happen, but in fanfic? Come on.
Has there ever been a pairing that you wish had hooked up in canon, but it didn't occur?Nooj/Paine. Yes, I know I'm the only one who thinks this way and everyone else in the world saw some magical super-canon bond between Paine and Baralai that I missed. Maybe I sneezed.
Has there ever been a pairing that DID hook up in canon and you wished they hadn't?John/Kit. Goddamn Irish Sue.
What pairing have you not written that you'd love to write?Uh. I dunno.
Do you go into a series looking for something to 'ship or does it come naturally?I actually don't ship all that much, so...only when the chemistry hits me.
Is 'shipping a way of life?Only to the really scary fangirls.


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