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Now that I have settled down to brood about the signing, I can put down some less bitchy things.

I have an exceptionally large number of books in my possession at the moment that are a) unread and b) the kind of books that I want to read.

Sea of Silver Light, by Tad Williams
This is the fourth and final Otherland book, which I am currently in the middle of. I've been devouring that series recently. It's not that I love it to bits. It's not that I have nothing else to read. It's not that it doesn't suffer from Massive Plotcreep: the first book is 780 pages, the second is 675 pages, the third is 749 pages, and the fourth is 1,066 pages (3,270 pages in all!). Hello, Tad, are you trying to challenge Stephen King to some kind of duel here? But the books are at least somewhat interesting, and I've come too far to stop now. Anyway, I want to see the demise of the character called Dread. I was really suckered in on that one. I despise him.

Everything's Eventualand The Stand, by Stephen King
Not long after the beginning of this year, I got into Stephen King at long last. My father is a fan of his, and therefore we own several King books already. I tore through most of them, then got into the Dark Tower series, which rules. I then got my father hooked on the Dark Tower series and began advising him on which other King books to buy, which is how I ended up with these two on my reading list. He bought the former because it had a Dark Tower story in it. One Dark Tower story. He bought an entire huge hardcover book because it had one Dark Tower story in it. Hey, I'm not the only one in my family who gets obsessive about things.

War for the Oaks, by Emma Bull
I am a sucker. Right on the cover of this book is the quote, "Emma Bull is really good." -- Neil Gaiman. By the power of those words, I must read this book. Anyway, it's pretty high on my to-read list, since I'm borrowing it from evilbeej.

Passage, by Connie Willis
I read a few of her books after fiddlersgreen praised her repeatedly. They were good. This one's somewhere on the middle of the to-read list.

The Scar, by China Mieville
I don't actually own this yet, but I just ordered it from the SF/Fantasy Book Club. Hopefully I'll actually get it, and not the featured selections, which I told the website I didn't want. The SFFBC gets on my nerves sometimes.

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, by Terry Pratchett
This is a Discworld book, even if I had to go into the kids' section of Barnes and Noble (which I will be shunning for a while now in favor of Amazon anyway) to get it. Therefore, I will be reading it as soon as I have finished the Otherland books. I'd like to save it, but I doubt I can hold out much longer.

Coraline, by Neil Gaiman
Yeah. I'm lusting this one. It's all I can do to hold out until I've finished Sea of Silver Light. Maybe I'll read War for the Oaks afterwards, thus saving Maurice a little longer. But all the other books I've listed are Coraline's bitch, and they'd better know it.

Then there are some books I'll eventually read. Probably.
Rose Madder, The Green Mile, Bag of Bones, and Pet Sematary, by Stephen King
That man has written a hell of a lot. I went through a bunch of his books when I first got into him, and that's only a fraction of them. His books can be tough to get through, though, so these four (especially the last) are fairly low on my list. They're what's left over from the stuff Dad already owned before I started reading King.

Don't Panic, by Neil Gaiman
If this were fiction, I would have eaten it up long ago. I got it on my London trip in late March/early April. It ended up unread on my Gaiman shelf. I'll get to it eventually. (It's the guide to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)

The Character of Cats, by Stephen Budiansky
Mom ordered this one, and I snatched it away, read it for a bit, then put it down next to my bed. It's non-fiction, therefore I'm unlikely to simply read it through.

I also need to write several things.

My Marquis de Carabas application for Project Infinity MUX. I'll be giving him a completely (or at least mostly) original background, and a different powerset, but it'll all come out to almost exactly the same character. I hope I'll be able to do him justice. Oh, and someday I'll ramble here about why I love Neverwhere so much, when it's generally considered one of Neil Gaiman's lesser works.

Various World of Darkness things, including my application for Heart of Darkness.

My character for 1884.

A short story.

A novel. Okay, I'm asking a little much on that one.
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