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On a lighter note...

...part of a letter published in Swamp Thing #49.
During a recent flipping-through-back-issues session, I was struck by an idea about everyone's favourite enigma, John Constantine. He's not the J.C., is he? Swampy's been to hell and back, and if something big and evil is going to show up, JC seems the sort of person who might be wandering about trying to stop it. There seem to be a lot of references which might be biblical lurking around as well, especially in issue 37.
The editor's response:
Interesting deduction about John Constantine's identity, James. We've gotten lots of mail from people thinking he's Sting or Billy Idol, but Jesus Christ--well, this is definitely a first. The enigmatic and beguiling Constantine may be many things (he likes to keep us guessing, too, the nerve of him), but we can assure you that he's not and never has been Jesus Christ.
Tee hee. Savior Constantine.
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