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The Random Song Meme

Infected by farli.

1) Put all of your songs onto a playlist, or cue up your most recently used playlist.
2) Set it to random.
3) Note down the first 10-15 songs it chooses.

1) The Seatbelts -- "Blue" [Cowboy Bebop]
2) Duke Ellington -- "Circle of Fourths" [Such Sweet Thunder]
3) Victor Garber -- "Those Were the Good Old Days" [Damn Yankees (1994 revival)]
4) Charlie Bisharat -- "Seance" [Along the Amazon]
5) Weezer -- "On the Edge"
6) Bernadette Peters -- "Time Heals Everything" [Sondheim Etc.]
7) Jill Sobule -- "Bitter"
8) The Seatbelts -- "Cosmos" [Cowboy Bebop]
9) Charlie Bisharat -- "Brushfire" [Along the Amazon]
10) Suzanne Vega -- "In the Eye"
11) Garbage -- "Parade"
12) Suzanne Vega -- "Solitude Standing"
13) Jill Sobule -- "Half a Heart"
14) The Seatbelts -- "Goodnight Julia" [Cowboy Bebop]
15) Bernadette Peters -- "Being Alive" [Sondheim Etc.]

On the other hand, if I just use my favored playlist...

1) Billy Joel -- "I Go to Extremes"
2) Suzanne Vega -- "St. Clare"
3) Billy Joel -- "All About Soul"
4) Garbage -- "Temptation Waits"
5) Evanescence -- "Breathe No More"
6) Evanescence -- "Away from Me"
7) Garbage -- "Parade"
8) Garbage -- "A Stroke of Luck"
9) Suzanne Vega -- "Solitude Standing"
10) Toad the Wet Sprocket -- "Pale Blue"
11) The Seatbelts -- "Cosmic Dare" [Cowboy Bebop]
12) Suzanne Vega -- "Knight Moves"
13) Madonna and Mandy Patinkin -- "What Can You Lose?" [Dick Tracy]
14) Suzanne Vega -- "Stockings"
15) Garbage -- "The World Is Not Enough"

Of course, I rarely listen to these anymore, because I'm not sure I trust my computer to play them without crashing. But what the hell, I might as well live dangerously. I'll try Winamp tonight.
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