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Tabletop methods

Fullmetal Alchemist as a tabletop game:
scattersane says "Ed's player has to be either sleeping with the GM or paying for all the pizza. Special alchemy methods, steampunk limbs, and prodigy, all for the "diminutive size" flaw? Yeah, right."
annwyd says "I'd say paying for the pizza. If he was sleeping with the GM, he wouldn't get smacked around so much."
selphish says "It'd have to be more than pizza for all of that!"
selphish says "Hell, everyone'd start bringing snacks if all it took was pizza for all those goodies."
scattersane says "You seriously underestimate the sway that pizza holds on a gaming table."
annwyd says "Now, if someone brought sushi..."
scattersane says "You know, that would be the perfect gaming food."
scattersane says "Compact, not messy."
scattersane says "And you can make people eat wasabi to cancel rolls of 1."
scattersane says "Well, I know how I'm running tabletop from now on."
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