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Lyrics redux.

And the lyric game is back! With slightly revised rules:
1) Shuffle your biggest playlist, or if you've got too much music to put the bulk of it on one playlist regularly, toss it all together and shuffle that. Take the first twenty-five.
2) Quote a lyric from each song (preferably one without the song title in it).
3) Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. (And no cheating.)
4) When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the name of the song next to it.
Like last time, I'm leaving out instrumentals and songs from other languages. Also struck out one that someone on my friendslist already quoted this go-round and the ones I quoted last time.

1. No life's so short that it never learns,
No flame so small that it never burns,
No page so sure that it never turns.

Savatage -- Not What You See

2. In Manhattan's desert twilight,
In the death of afternoon,
We stepped hand in hand on Broadway
Like the first man on the moon.

3. Fags are great, they've got hundreds of uses,
You can see them on TV explaining what puce is.

MC Frontalot -- I <3 Fags

4. Some get good at trafficking in souls.
I got good at rollin' with the rolls.

5. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past--
You must fight just to keep them alive.

Survivor -- Eye of the Tiger

6. Cry, but I don't need my mother.
Just hold my hand while I come...
To a decision on it.

7. Some of them fell into Heaven,
Some of them fell into Hell.

The Pogues -- Rainy Night in Soho

8. I'm sorry that I hurt you;
Please don't ask me why.

9. He says, "Bill, I believe this is killing me,"
As the smile ran away from his face.

Billy Joel -- Piano Man

10. I can hear you in a whisper,
But you can’t even hear me screaming.

Evanescence -- Where Will You Go

11. They don't need me here, and I know you're there,
Where the world goes by like the humid air.

They Might Be Giants -- Ana Ng

12. Make just a ripple.
Come on, be brave.
This time a ripple,
Next time, a wave!

Anyone Can Whistle (Stephen Sondheim) -- Everybody Says Don't (performed by Liz Callaway)

13. You can't stand tall
Or bend down to touch your toes,
Not in dimension number dos.

14. If I couldn't sleep, could you sleep?
Could you paint me better off?

15. Though chaos rains around you now,
Only so much rain can fall at once.

Assemblage 23 -- Ground

16. Love can mend your life,
But love can break your heart.

The Police -- Message in a Bottle

17. I still remember the sun
Always warm on my back.
Somehow it seems colder now.

Evanescence -- Fields of Innocence

18. I want nothing in the world but myself to protect me,
And I won't lie down, roll over, and die.

Aida (Original Broadway Cast) -- Easy As Life

19. The mind can imagine,
The dark can deceive,
And here on this night,
Together they weave.

Savatage -- There in the Silence

20. Don't ask me where it hurts now.
I swear to God I couldn't say.

21. Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away,
But something in our minds will always stay.

Sting -- Fragile

22. There's a land beyond the living,
There's a land beyond the dead,
If it's true that God's forgiving
Of the lives that we have led.

Savatage -- Handful of Rain

23. Other women were too sentimental,
Always worrying about their hair.

24. Someday I'll take a chance.
You find them where you can.

25. Now, I been out in the desert, just doing my time,
Searching through the dust, looking for a sign.
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