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Got into an argument with a friend today. It boiled down to this:

Her: I don't support gay marriage. It's a tool of militant and intolerant gays.
Me: Clarify?
Her: You don't need a word to justify your love!
Me: Nooo, but I'd like the legal benefits.
Her: Bah, what legal benefits?
Me: (lists off a few)
Her: Well, all right! You can just make a new thing to give gay couples all that! Just don't call it 'marriage.'
Me: But why? Isn't it simpler to call it marriage?
Her and other friend: No, that's deeply offensive to spiritual people!
Me: So...nobody's forcing them to perform religious marriages.
Her: There are liberal churches that can marry gays if that's what you want!
Me: That's not what I want. I can get married religiously if I want. What I want now is to be able to enter the same civil and societal contract as any straight couple can.
Her: That's good! Just don't call it marriage.
Me: 'Separate but equal' doesn't have a good history, you know. Wouldn't it be easier to just let gays marry?
Her: No, because it would infringe upon the rights of the churches! And it'd make ordinary people (her words) hate gays when they didn't before!
Me: Legalizing interracial marriage didn't make 'ordinary people' turn on blacks.
Her: You keep saying that sexual orientation and ethnicity are the same thing! They aren't!
Me: Um, no, I don't say that. That's a strawman.
Her: (again, exact words) I grow fatigued of this debate. I am genuinely sorry that I cannot share my goodwill for people that love one another, and that my logic does not find purchase in you. I can only turn off this channel, and say, in parting: I am sorry that you feel your rights and way of life are so insecure when they are not.

And she left the channel.

Okay. So she's the one who thinks that trying to steal the word 'marriage' and actually use it like everyone else does will bring the mob upon all gays with their flaming pitchforks--and she calls me insecure? What the fuck?
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