ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Fandom Tarot #1: FMA.

So I saw some fanart on DA--
Strength: Kakashi
The Star: Sakura + The Sun: Naruto + The Moon: Sasuke
--and of course that got me thinking. Mmm, character Tarot. I'm lazy, so I mostly stick to the Major Arcana when I think of these things, but still.

The Fool: Edward and Alphonse, with Edward prominent--maybe about to step off a cliff while Al reaches out to try to stop him. I tend to like to give the hero pride of place as the Fool, since he is, after all, the one who takes the Fool's Journey that is used to represent the sequence of the cards. Besides, I can't think of anyone else who'd fit.
The Magician: Armstrong.
The High Priestess: My initial instinct was to put Izumi on this card, but actually, Pinako works better. Besides, I've got a better idea for Izumi.
The Empress: Trisha with her sons shadowed by Sloth with Wrath.
The Emperor: Fuhrer Bradley, shadowed by the ouroborous or something similar to suggest that he is not in fact the be-all and end-all of power.
The Hierophant: Probably Hohenheim, surrounded by books and other research materials.
The Lovers: Scar's brother and his lover.
The Chariot: Hawkeye.
Strength: Izumi.
The Hermit: Dr. Marco.
The Wheel of Fortune: The Sins clustered around a giant wheel that dwarfs them all.
Justice: Scar, but torn and bloodied--true justice takes out him as well as his targets.
The Hanged Man: Roy from the end of the series, maybe shadowed by Hawkeye and Havoc.
Death: Ed and Al walking away from their burning house.
Temperance: Hughes.
The Devil: Dante, trailing chains to indicating her bindings to her endless pointless search for immortality.
The Tower: A shattering Philosopher's Stone, or an attempt at human transmutation in process.
The Star: Rose.
The Moon: The Gate, preferably with a human figure standing in front of it, completely dwarfed by it.
The Sun: Young Ed, Al, and Winry, maybe with grown Winry in the background.
Judgment: Al's human body emerging from formlessness.
The World: Ed and Al with their bodies restored, holding hands or embracing (in a non-Elricest way, dammit). Possibly with Winry there as well. Alternately: Riza giving Roy an apple.
Coming soon: NaruTarot! In the meanwhile, damn I wish I could draw.
Tags: fandom, fma

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