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Spamalot: seen. It was, to tell you the truth, not as fantastically awesome as everyone makes it out to be. I suspect Eric Idle went and grabbed everyone and went, "Shit, we haven't been on Broadway yet, we must fix this," then tossed a bunch of sketches and some new material together and made the show. It was funny, but nothing amazing.

But you know what is amazing? Some of the hideously overpriced merchandise they were selling. I now own (and am wearing) killer rabbit slippers.

So I hear that amerou believes I am harassing her, and over her opinion of a movie, to boot. Let's get some facts straight.
One. I never had any problem with her opinion of the damned movie (which is now mercifully out of theaters). I had a problem with how, after I told her that it upset me to see people claiming the movie is a faithful adaptation, she kept prodding me to admit that it was a faithful adaptation. I overreacted to that, yes, but she still should have known not to poke me like that after I told her to stop.
Two. Harassment is a little more than a single outburst of anger and one comment mocking her blatant stupidity on LJ. I don't care about her enough to harass her. She's not worth my time. But comparing stealing someone's icon to stealing their car? That, my friends, is worth mocking.
Three. I used a sockpuppet journal, which I sorely regret, as it made me look like a coward. As a matter of fact, I would have posted with this journal, but I didn't want to get in trouble the people who'd pointed her whiny post out to me in the first place.
Four. I do not at all expect her to believe any of this, although I have left it public in case she really wants to come over here and whine at me about it. I won't be responding to any comments from her or her cronies, because that would be pointless, but it's there. In any case, the main reason I wrote this is because I wanted to make sure people I do care about have heard my side of the story.
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