September 21st, 2004

cute, adorable

For narli: Weapon

They told me it couldn't be done. (That was why I did it.) They said I was insane, to try making a great weapon, a device of terrible destructive power, the way I wanted to. And for a while, I came perilously close to agreeing with them.

Then I met you.

So now you know: that's what it's been about the whole time. Every kitten, puppy, and small child I showed you was geared just so, all of it designed to overload you with cute. Soon, the introduced cute will meet up with your native cute, and they will metastasize.

It will begin, then, which is to say, it will end. The world, that is. They worried about fire and they worried about ice, but nobody thought to finger cute.

It'll be like the grey goo scenario, only pink. Or perhaps a light robin's-egg blue.
girly, smug

For fallofrain: They're Coming

When you live with cats for long enough, everything starts to look feline. The folds of a crumpled black jacket. The play of light and shadows on the corner of the rug. The flickering dust inside a cardboard box.

People will tell you that you're being silly. It's human nature to see patterns where there are none, or else we wouldn't see them when they were there. That's all. Just phantom patterns.

I believed that too until last night, when the phantom cats took me away. They say that I can speak for them when they finally pry open the veil of reality with their delicate claws. Perhaps I can soothe the humans into accepting their demotion on the food chain.

I really hope I can. It's our only chance of survival.