February 7th, 2005

Susan/Marcus, darkness

Fun For The Whole Family

You, too, can see a well-written book on medieval European history transformed into a gripping horror tale by the power of hypochondria! Seriously, it's a really good book, and I barely ever read nonfiction except in snippets for research. The Great Mortality by John Kelly. I'm just insane.

But the best part is that I feel like the author's sense of humor is almost as morbid as mine.
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Such great and evocative writing. It makes me want to start writing up the tragedies of history in MU* format.
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I'm going to hell.

[Europe] Genoa says "HAY GISE"
[Europe] France has left this channel.
[Europe] Genoa says "sup?"
[Europe] Venice says "Oh, fuck you."
[Europe] Venice has left this channel.
[Europe] Genoa (
[Europe] Genoa says "heehee, I mean :("
[Europe] Genoa says "So, does anyone want to RP? :)"
[Europe] Germany says "..."
[CoolEurope] <An island you can't refuse> Sicily says "Can we boot the fucker already? I know where he keeps his favorite horse--"
[Europe] Genoa says "Is this still about that Black Death thing? :("
[CoolEurope] <Crossdress for Success> France says "NO SHIT SHERLOCK"
[CoolEurope] <Fuck you, France> England says "Who the hell is Sherlock, and how did you get on this channel?"