July 2nd, 2005

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New icon, because when fanartists can't be bothered responding to my polite requests as to whether I can use their art, I just go ahead and use it because I am a horrible person. (Yes, I will edit my credits post shortly to give credit, but damn.)

why are my scheming bastards blond, I ask you. why. Maybe for the sake of balance I do need to take That Character I Said I Might, Only I Can't Name Him Here, Because Some People On My Flist Follow The Anime And Thus Would Be Spoiled.

Here is another new icon:

It took me forever to find a nice hat image I could crop just right.

I am feeling better today, even encouraged to write. Although as usual, my muse is not cooperating with my demands and is instead supplying me with FFVIII ficlet ideas.

still hate bastardized and daysgoby

Edit: A bunch of the 30_kisses ficlets I posted to FFnet the other day got C2ed on a Roy/Riza community, so reviews poured in, and okay guys you can stop with inane one-liners and puzzled requests for explanation, you don't need to make the Roy/Riza fandom look as dumb as so much of the Ed/Winry fandom is.
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Okay guys, if nobody else has expressed interest in He Who Must Not Be Named (READ THE MANGA PEOPLE) by the time I finish setting Urahara up, I'll take him. [u]_[u]

Then I'll need to make icons, but I need to do that anyway.

Dammit, why do I already have two themesongs for him?

...maybe I won't wait until setting up Urahara.

Edit: Lyrics.
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Bride of Edit: Anyone know a good source of screencaps for Bleach? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?