February 1st, 2006



Damn Ninja MUX
Orochimaru vs. Jiraiya. Someone is going to need to peel Jiraiya off the ground after this one.

The Ineffable Game
Mwu meets Stellar and Sting. They confuse the hell out of him.

Scenes To Do In The Future
Damn Ninja Mux
Jiraiya getting peeled off the ground
Jiraiya telling Tsunade about the fight
Kitaiji pestering Nen some more
Kitaiji meeting other Rain nin

The Ineffable Game
Mwu meeting more people from Winterheart (that means you chaosblade)
Mwu meeting Auel
Mwu teaming up with the trio to refuel his plane and flee to Bluefinger Port
Aizen arriving in Golden Hall
Kon washing up somewhere in Bluefinger Port