February 15th, 2006

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House is awesome.


The episode before last?

There was a cripple fight.

I need House icons.

I also need to make a new IchiRuki icon. I want to go dig some screencaps out of episode 41 for it. Later. When I'm done getting smacked around by Xenogears.
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*displays scratches on chest and arm* Kitty loves me.

Also, what kind of sadist sells boxes of assorted chocolates without guides to what's inside? You go to hell, Russell Stover, you go to hell and you die.

Finally, the main purpose of this post: a pairings meme! Because I obviously haven't been talking about pointless fandom crap enough lately.

Five Pairings I Love
Collapse )
Five Pairings I Hate
Collapse )
Five Pairings I Used to Love
Collapse )
Five Pairings I Used to Hate
Collapse )
Five Crack Pairings
Collapse )
I should get to working on my fanfic instead of sitting around rambling pointlessly. Oh well!