April 4th, 2006

grumpy, do not want, meh



I mean D.Gray-man wasn't my favorite manga, but goddamn it deserved to continue. There was so much to still be explained.

And wasn't it really popular in Japan? Why would they cancel it? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

...I'm still going to cosplay Komui at Otakon, but there will be Sadness.
excitement, Haruka

let's try this on sleep-dep!

Give me a character, group, or pairing from any of my fandoms (preferably the ones I do a lot of writing in), plus a prompt (that is, a word or phrase) and I'll try writing a few lines of fic. Without getting sleep first! Let us see what I can churn out, and maybe it will prime me to do some Real Writing tomorrow (mainly the next chapter of "Spiral Out" and maybe a start on "A Revolution of a Year and a Day") once I have gotten some sleep.

Edit: Does anyone know where I can download the new Bleach ED? Not a youtube link, but the real deal. I need decent-quality screencaps, and I don't want to have to download an entire crappy filler to get them.

On the other hand, if I do go through with this embarrassing business of making a YoruSoi moodtheme, I'll have to download some of the fillers anyway.

*joins emlan in the "creepily obsessed with unpopular Bleachpairings" corner*