May 6th, 2006

zzz, Allelujah/Soma, tired, sleepy

As if I needed another fic-bearing meme.

I don't. But here it is.

I've picked a word for every letter of the alphabet. Comment to claim a word and supply me with a character, pairing, or group; I'll write a tinyfic based around the word in question. Once someone claims a word, it's taken. I'll only do one tinyfic per word. But that leaves room for twenty-six, anyway. It shouldn't be an issue.
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Enjoy. Maybe once I've gotten some small ficbits done, I'll feel more up to working on "Spiral Out."

For now, though, I really need to nap.
vulnerable, Rin/Archer


Have now completed all requested alphabetfics so far. There are still sixteen more letters to claim if anyone wants 'em, or if someone wants to claim another.

Meanwhile, in more important news: I have finally decided on my tattoo! It will go on my lower back, and it will be the central design in this image:


Now to, uh, convince my parents. Yes.