June 20th, 2006

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I forced myself to attempt sleep last night/this morning (that is: at about 5:30) without drugs. The result? Well, it took a while, but I managed it.

And I had a crazy damn dream.
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Why can't I have cool dreams with interesting plots instead of vague and incoherent dreams about kittens in danger? It's not fair.
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plz give me images

This post has no point except to ask for images, because I'm horrible and I exploit my friendslist.

One horrible loser geek request: the Defiant either entering or exiting the wormhole. It's really pretty and it would make a good wallpaper, okay?

One kawaii wai wai animu-chan request: chibi!Sasuke blinking/closing his eyes. Either a gif or an avi clip is fine.

If my attempt to exploit my flist fails, I'll go hunting for the former myself and download a flashback episode to get the latter, but right now I am too lazy and I need to go have dinner and watch some more hilariously craptastic first-season TNG reruns.

*examines icon* I also need to start watching Dr. Who.

Edit: I do not understand why I love Lwaxana Troi so much. She's like the very archetype of the obnoxious, overbearing mother who can read your mind. And yet, she is awesome.