June 26th, 2006

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I don't know what I'm doing here.

I felt like it.

Also I've owed a_white_rain KakaSasu for a while. This is just to tide her over until I can do something longer.
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I do not know what happened there. I think I need to go finish this episode of Star Trek and then go to bed.

Later I will acquire some Star Trek icons, mostly of Data and Odo, and possibly a KakaSasu icon.
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Have some Roman numerals.

I. My inspiration is returning to me in fits and starts. I was able to write some KakaSasu last night; maybe soon I'll be able to do emlan's long-overdue Konfic, or write some more SEED stuff. I'll keep my fingers crossed and my neurons sparking.

II. I think I may have overloaded myself with icontest communities. But! But! So pretty! And I think I might actually win this week at ryuudan! Maybe! Possibly!

III. Why the fuck is there so much pairing wank in Naruto fandom lately? It needs to stop. Seriously, guys. The NaruHina vs. NaruSaku wars should stay confined to NF--I don't want them invading LJ. It's bad enough with the SasuNaru vs. SasuSaku (I still can't believe there are people who are honestly convinced that SasuNaru will be canon) and the, uh, SasuNaru vs. NaruSasu (...sigh). And maybe the InoShika vs. TemaShika. And InoChou fandom? Should not have wank. Amusingly, apparently after I stopped that one, one person on f_w is now holding me up as "the last sane and mature person in Naruto fandom." Sorry, guys, but that was just self-preservation.

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V. I'm going to be scarcer than usual this weekend--I'm heading to Pittsburgh to visit my aunt who recently came out of a coma, and I'm not sure I'll be able to hook this computer up to the internets at the hotel. I'll most likely still be able to check LJ with my father's computer, though, and if I have enough internet-less free time on this one, I may sit down and watch some of the stuff I have downloaded. Anyone know where I can download Ouran High School Host Club?