August 20th, 2006

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If you're 12.8% of the way through a torrent, you pause it, try to open the first file in it, and get told "Invalid Archive Footer," is that a sign that the files in the torrent don't work, or just that you need to finish downloading before watching any of it?

gay, Gundam 00

I don't understand.

"As you may also know, I have a clothing shop nearby, so...if you should require any apparel, or merely wish, as I do...for a bit of enjoyable company now and then...I'm at your disposal, doctor."

How can the scriptwriters have one man say that to another, in that slithery, ambiguous tone of voice, and then later, when they find out that people slash the two of them, be freaked out?

I don't undersnad;;;;

After they found out about the slash, the scriptwriters tried so hard to make Garak straight, but his actor continued to defeat them. :D

Edit: Hahahaha oh my God he felt Julian up. I'm looking at the script now and that wasn't in it. I love you Andrew Robinson.