October 1st, 2006

vulnerable, Rin/Archer

Some SasuSaku defense.

I've sort of been wanting to write something like this for a while. For those of you on my flist who are tired of my Naruto crap or who hate SasuSaku, don't worry, I'm cutting it.

The basic topic is the much-loved NaruSaku argument that in chapter 181, when Sakura said that she was happy when she was with Sasuke, she was thinking of time spent with Team 7, not with Sasuke alone. Therefore, this means she was confused about her feelings for Sasuke, and that it's really Naruto who makes her happy.
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And now I've got better things to do, like finishing joiedecombat's splendiferous Mwu/Murrue essay, struggling with the camera features of my cellphone, and making sexy icons of SEED girls. Uh, and someday I'll sleep. Yes.
me me me, attention whore, look at me


I got my camera working! Thank goodness, as I had some nice pictures on it. To celebrate its return, not only will I share those pictures, but also some others. And, of course, some cat pictures. Because I can never force too many cat pictures on my flist.
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And that's it for now.