October 2nd, 2006

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introducing...LAST CHARACTER STANDING (naruto edition)

Honestly, I don't have much to say at the moment--mostly because I've spent today being sick from low blood sugar in synagogue, then huddling in bed sleeping away my hunger, then going to break fast with some friends I barely see any more, then staring glaze-eyed at LJ.

So useful today!

However, yesterday I did write an Allen/Rinali fic as a sort of birthday present for clocklike. So that was good, at least. I'm also thinking of doing another fic prompt soon, despite all the other fic I need to write--and maybe starting up a "chaptered" repository for all my old Naruto ficlets on FF.net. I'm not sure I have enough prompt ficlets for other fandoms in order to justify repositories like that for them, but maybe Bleach and eventually SEED. We'll see.

And no, I'm not going to discuss the behind-friendslock Naruto wank, except to apologize to dragonsquee for spooging all over her LJ.

Instead, I will have an entirely pointless poll: the Naruto edition of Last Character Standing. Ignore this if you don't like pointless polls, and if you do take it, don't take it seriously. Just pick whichever character you prefer for each choice, then hit submit. It really doesn't mean anything--I'm just bent on finding ever-new ways of wasting my time. Well, maybe when it's done, I'll write a ficlet about the winning character or something. But that's about it.
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I was going to include some more, but it was just completely out of hand at that point, so I let it go.

Now I should probably make myself something more to eat, since all I've had over the past twenty-six hours were a couple of crusty pastries (from the backroom of the kitchen at synagogue in the middle of services so I didn't get sick again) and a bagel and some apple slices at "dinner."