October 3rd, 2006

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weird fic prompt time

Oof. My sleep schedule continues to be nuts. All my fault.

In less meaningful news, the first round of Naruto Last Character Standing is still ongoing~ I'd like a few more votes before I end it tonight. Yamato and Iruka are in a dead heat, and Anko and Tsunade are awfully close.

Uh. Onto (slightly) less pointless matters: I've decided to do another fic prompt meme. But this time, I'll be providing the prompts; you just pick one that hasn't been used yet and give me character, group, or pairing. I'll write a ficlet for it. You all know my fandoms, and if you don't, that's what this post is for. If this turns out to be more popular than I expect, I'll let two people pick one prompt, but until they're all used up? Pick one that hasn't been chosen yet.

As for the origin of the prompts--well, one of the ways I got through yesterday's service (despite being dazed from fatigue and sick from low blood sugar) was via looking at the siddur and thinking, "What passages here would make good fic prompts?" Yeah, I'm terrible like that. When I got home, I dug out my own home siddur (which isn't quite as detailed and eloquent as the Gates of Repentance prayerbook used for High Holy Days services at synagogue, but oh well) and a few online translations of important prayers, and I pulled lines from those sources.

Enjoy my blasphemy. :D
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