November 5th, 2006

pimp it!, Gurren Lagann

Kittons: Best ever. Discuss.

So a few days ago, wreeth assaulted me in IM with something called Gakuen Sousei Nekoten (学園創世 猫天). At first I was skeptical. It looked pretty wai wai sparklekitty shoujo to me. I've never read shoujo before. But...there were kitties. Including one Kansuke, the most awesome badass dramatically scarred cat ever. So I read it--what there is of it so far. Only three chapters have been translated.

If you have any love for cats, you should read it too.
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To sum it up, though: there are kitties. They kick ass.

Download it here. Chapter 1 can be found off the downloads page, and the latest chapters (2 and 3) are linked right there on the front page.
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