December 2nd, 2006

pimp it!, Gurren Lagann

Hello time for a PIMPING POST

So it's time that I sat down and admitted it: I am obsessed with Code Geass. BIG SURPRISE THERE. I've only been talking about it constantly.

Those familiar with my journal should know what comes next: I attempt to cram the series in question down everyone else's throats.

It's your lucky day, because I'm about to cram a bunch of shoujo-styled mecha down your throats!

But I'll be gentle.

Code Geass is Yet Another Anime About Giant Robots. But I don't watch much mecha anime--or any at all except for this one and Gundam SEED--so why this one? Well...there are several reasons. These also happen to be the reasons you should watch Code Geass.

1) The girls. Collapse )
2) The antihero. Collapse )
3) The animation quality. Collapse )
4) The setting and politics. Collapse )
5) Evil British people. Come on, this shouldn't need more explanations. Everyone loves evil Brits.

Look, just watch it, it's really cool. It's got a lot of Gundam SEED in it--they share a writer (no, not Morosawa, thank you)--but it adds entirely new twists and turns and looks at things from a very new perspective.

Plus, evil Brits.

** Torrents **

Given that gg (the first group to start subbing) has a presence on Livejournal and people have been mocked in anonymous comments for expressing a preference for Shinsen & Ureshii's subs, I'm going to avoid going into detail in public on which I prefer. Make your own choice, or ask me for more information privately.

However, I know not all of you do well with torrents. So I've started uploading the AVIs (that is, Shinsen & Ureshii's version, because people tend to find AVIs easier) to megaupload. I will keep uploading them and adding the links to this post until I've caught up with the current episode; then it should be easy for people to watch code_geass and see when direct downloads are posted there.


Code Geass: Stage 1
Code Geass: Stage 2
Code Geass: Stage 3
Code Geass: Stage 4
Code Geass: Stage 5
Code Geass: Stage 6
Code Geass: Stage 7