December 19th, 2006

pimp it!, Gurren Lagann

Sondheim Pimpitude Post #2

It's time for episode two of my Sondheim Pimping Project!

Remember the last time? Remember how I uploaded a cute, fluffy, quirky little show, and it was terribly cute and it ended with a happy romance? Good, because that just means this one will rape you that much worse.

Sweeney Todd, see, is my favorite musical ever. It's also completely sick and deranged. But how can I resist? It's got everything--violence, insanity, vengeance, rape, murder, cannibalism, pseudo-incest, and pies. And it's all wrapped around this crazy melodramatic story that nevertheless manages to feel horrifyingly real by virtue of the awesome music and great cast.

It gets fairly complicated at times, so there's a (somewhat long) summary I typed up from the liner notes Collapse )

This particular recording is in fact the original one. The cast is, once again, Collapse )

The download is at YouSendIt. If it runs out, let me know and I'll reupload it. The zip file (96.8mb) includes both discs of music and an m3u playlist with them in the correct order.

[Download here!]

The download has been relocated to Mediafire, which will not run out.

[Download here!]

NEW ADDITION: I recently downloaded (and yes, I also bought it) the 1982 film version of the stage musical. That would be when they just plunk some cameras down and record a production, basically. I haven't yet watched my DVD, but back before they released it on DVD, but after the VHS had gone out of print, I went to see it at the Museum of Television and Radio. It's pretty awesome.

The torrent can be found here.

Or you can watch it on YouTube here: [Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Part V] [Part VI] [Part VII] [Part VIII] [Part IX] [Part X] [Part XI] [Part XII] [Part XIII] [Part XIV] [Part XV] [Part XVI] [Part XVII] [Part XVIII] [Part XIX] [Part XX] [Part XXI] [Part XXII] [Part XXIII]
irritated, Klan/Michel

>:( seems that SpikeTV has replaced all of its DS9 and TNG reruns with Voyager reruns.

That channel just lost its last redeeming value. :|

Edit: FALSE ALARM. It appears to be just a week-long marathon. I still wish they'd go back to running two episodes of DS9 a day, though. :<