January 13th, 2007

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Anti-IchiHime Refutation #1

Mmm, wanky post. Anyway, like I was talking about earlier, I'm slowly going through arguments against Ichigo/Orihime and refuting them. This is the first one. Before anyone gets any items of clothing into knots over it, though, please note that nowhere in this do I insist that IchiHime is inevitable and everyone must support it. I simply take down a faulty argument against it. That's why it's not going into the main body of the IchiHime essay when I revise it.

Anyway, here's the argument I'll be dealing with tonight:

Ichigo's feelings for Orihime haven't developed in over 250 chapters! She's still just a friend to him!
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I don't normally like YouTubes, but then I realized their potential to make me extremely happy.
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Okay, I think that's enough for now. I'd better go write something to do some descing before my brain implodes.