January 25th, 2007

OT4, invincible, Gundam Seed

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Today was mostly occupied by watching lots of TV (this happens a lot when my father is home), playing some Wii Sports (my arm is finally feeling better, although there's still a bit of tenderness), watching Geass 14, and catching up a bit on my weekly icon mass. I'll do more tomorrow, as well as maybe some more Geass icons. I've gotten into textless icons more lately now that I'm experimenting with selective color. Speaking of which, GIP. I'd grown critical of my old OT4 icon, so I set out to make a new one. I love the way it came out.

Since enough time has gone by that everyone has made their guesses, here are the characters and pairings that nobody got on the "guess the favorites" meme:
Bleach: Karin; Karin/Chad, Rangiku/Izuru
Gundam SEED: Kira/Lacus
Star Ocean III: Cliff, Nel; Clair/Nel, Cliff/Mirage
D.Gray-man: Rhode, Miranda
Fate/Stay night: Rider
Code Geass: Milly

My latest fic prompt meme is still open, since I was too lazy today to finish people's requests. I'll do that tomorrow. Uh. Later today.

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Oh, before I head to bed--earlier I mentioned to rampant_geekery that I would look up Basch/Ashe fanart for her on the japanweb. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I can barely find any decent artsites for the pairing. So instead, just have a couple pretty pictures for now. D:

Actually, I lie. The second one isn't so much pretty (although it is) as freaking hilarious.

Someday I'll have to do a big revamp of my old art links post. In the meanwhile, though, I should do more artpimp linkposts y/n?