January 29th, 2007

whine, pout, annoyed

am alive.

I. Lack of things going on = lack of posting. Story of my life, lately. I'm trying to look up a temp agency so I can get a job--I should probably give up on getting a decent job, much less one in photography, at this point and just settle for any job at all--but I don't know where to look.

II. I did, however, go to see A Chorus Line last night. It was an awesome show. Watching it, you really come to appreciate the people who dance in the background, all that goes into every one of them. Unfortunately, my father came out of it insisting it was one of the Best Musicals Evar and that Sondheim had never done anything that could compare and that it was soooo much better than Company, which we saw not long ago, when...uh, personally I prefer Company, so STFU Dad.

That said, the music is really great, so I'm going to share some MP3s from the original production (which the revival we saw followed as closely as possible) here.
Collapse )

III. There was another Dresden Files episode tonight. Collapse )

IV. Iconstuff--can't have a post without it. Is it just me, or are the voters at the SEED icontests kind of enamored of...fancy icons? I look at a lot of the icons they choose and think that they're just too overwrought for me to ever consider using them, even if I did use other people's icons on a regular basis. This is probably just sour grapes on my part, though. It seems like I can never win there. :/ Oh well. My iconspiration is kind of running dry lately--I just want to sit and make textless icons or silly icons or whatever. Maybe I'll reinspire myself by making a set of Broadway lyrics icons. Sakura icon with the text "kiss today goodbye & point me towards tomorrow" = y/n? Although I may make a Euphemia one with that text also seeing as I have that iconfiend100 claim to do.

V. And now, although I haven't been making many lately, some actual icons. Includes the Best Lelouch Icon Evar, as suggested by goldberry. Collapse )

VI. I was going through links to unions (Japanese fanlistings), and once again I stumbled across Common Sun's fanlisting for het pairings ("normal couples" in Japanese fandom terminology, heh). This is, in and of itself, not particularly noteworthy. Except that the site maintainer is also a pixel artist who makes a lot of cute sprites, so they've made a little generator that lets you create banners for various het pairings. They've got a lot of options available for One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach in particular, but there are also a bunch of other fandoms you can make cute little banners for.

Naturally, I had to make banners for all my het pairings that the generator could support. Collapse )

...oh, and here's one especially for my LJ-wifey. ♥