January 30th, 2007

friendship, your mom, friends, denial

the myriad facets of my balanced life

Oh, House, why you gotta hurt me so? Collapse )

Aside from that, I've also been watching the first season of a show called The Wire on DVD. Collapse )

video games
I've mostly been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess lately. After I finish this entry, I will probably go play it some more. Here are some of my notes on my gameplay. Keep in mind this is the first Zelda game I've played. Collapse )

Thanks to green_and_warty, I'm on the verge of being sucked into apping for Jiraiya on an LJ RP. Well. We'll see how this goes.

Have also finally made plans for Lelouch's leap to POW3R on ineffablegame. Hopefully, that can be carried out in an Interesting Fashion. And then once he's accomplished his initial goal of getting into power in Winterheart, I'll start looking for people to come and app other Geass cast members to fuck with his poor Darkened head. :D

Where is Geass 15? D: Oh well. I can wait. Even though hot chainsaw action makes me impatient.

Weirdly, what I'm craving lately is more Nekoten. Does anyone know of a scanlation group that's looking for a new project? Because Nekoten's original scanlators seem to have dropped it.

Because I told rampant_geekery I'd make one of these, and the others, well. I can't make just one icon. Collapse )

I have seven cavities. D: