March 3rd, 2007

Nia, happy


So today wasn't a very productive day, no surprise there. On the other hand, it was still a pretty good day.

Let's start out with the latest thing: I watched Pan's Labyrinth tonight. I am somewhat bewildered by the odd translation choice for the title (and amused at the number of words I could catch just by knowing French. Oh, Romance languages), but it was still a damned good film. There were some moments that were totally heartbreaking, I managed to get quite invested in the characters, and the interplay of the real and the fantastical was great, even if it took a while to really flow together.

Before that, I'd gone out to have Chinese food, which was nice, even if I would have preferred sushi. I swear it's not a retarded weeaboo thing, I just like Japanese food better. :<

But! Earlier in the afternoon, I noticed a package from a Cheryl in Canada lying on the counter and tore into it. *_* And I must say I should enter twinbells's fanfic contests again, if winning means that she'll be so lazy she doesn't send the prize out for so long that she then feels guilty and includes an extra doujin to sate me. >:D

The original prize was Honey Canon's SasuSaku doujinshi "Shining Baby" (sample here). Honey Canon's Team 7 is the cutest thing ever, I swear. I already have scans of this one (I asked for it as a prize anyway because it's so pretty), so I won't scan it, but if people want I can share some of the cuter pages from my existing scans. Sakura is so adorable, Sasuke is such a blushy dork, and Naruto is always interrupting them in the most amusing ways. ♥

The extra was Rix's "Kissing to Heaven" (cover image here), which is hot, hot Fllay/Yzak smut. Well, technically it's labeled Yzak x Fllay, but Fllay so pwns him. It includes the following:
--Yzak getting pwned by Fllay's boobs
--Yzak whipping out pie charts during sex
--Fllay going happily to sleep after sex while Yzak freaks out
--A random page of naked Dearka/Miriallia hugging
--Fllay oh-so-innocently seducing Yzak
--Yzak looking confused and awkward about topping while Fllay sparkles up at him
--And general hotness.

Ugh, it's so pretty. I won't scan the whole thing, but I will scan a few of my favorite pages.

So I don't forget, here is some stuff I want to at least get some work done on tomorrow:
--Emailing local photographers asking for advice
--Working on my Jiraiya application for apresmoi_rpg (I've started it, I just still have quite a bit to do)
--Starting my Sasuke fanfic for 30_kisses/March 5 at 31_days

Ideally I will also try to get some RP in with Lelouch at ineffablegame, since I still haven't had the opportunity to do so. Oh, and read more Berserk. It would be especially amazing if I did more fanfic, but that's not likely to happen.

P.S. twinbells uses Winnie the Pooh stationery! *pinches her cheeks*