October 9th, 2007

computer, icons


I. *happydance*

It will be mine, in the space of a few days. Because I am a disgustingly spoiled brat, I am only paying for a small fragment of the cost. But it will be mine, oh yes. Finally, I will be able to get back to Photoshop and start iconing again. Finally, I will be able to run my computer for months on end the way I like without worrying about it heating its innards half to death. Finally, I will be able to burn the Wire for people.

I will have a proper computer!

I am pondering names for it; I'm thinking possibly something Legion-y. Maybe Jenni; but if I did that, I just know it would turn out to be abominably slow. I don't want to jinx it. We'll see.

II. With the Proper Computer in hand, I may finally be able to get into certain MMORPGs. I know everyone's into World of Warcraft--but here's my problem. I generally prefer to solo most of the time and just quietly enjoy global events and new content, save for the occasional team-up with friends. It's why I get along so well with Kingdom of Loathing (when I bother to play it). And to be honest, World of Warcraft doesn't seem very solo-friendly to me.

So I'm thinking...maybe City of Heroes? Hmmm. Once again: we shall see.

III. I must take a moment here to express my deep and abiding hatred for infinitepryde. My spending pretty much the entirety of tonight on this insane game? All her fault.

It's a farm, you see. Only it's got a wiseass newspaper, and aliens. And I have a robot chicken there. Aaaaugh so addictive.

IV. Finally got another fic done on the Tarot meme. So no, I have not abandoned it. Yay! The fics are longer than usual for this type of thing, though, I imagine because of the complexity of the prompts. And yes, I have some ideas for the others; I just don't have the brain to complete them tonight.