December 8th, 2007

kitton, mew, Chi, ooh shiny

la la anime stuff

Went to NY Anime Festival today. There wasn't really much there--it was my first convention other than Otakon, and the difference was striking, both in content and organization. Still, they had some neat stuff and some nice artists (including Avatar light ali_wildgoose and the amazing ghostfire, who I'd happened on both on DA and at Otakon before), and there was sushi at the Maid Cafe; that's as much as anyone can ask for from a small convention, I suppose.

I didn't mean to spend as much money as I did, but then I came across the Berserk artbook and it was expensive. But I got it anyway because eeee the little pictures of the Hawks were so cute and there were so many angsty pretty Griffith pictures. I know I haven't seen really good scans around much, so if there's a specific picture you've seen smaller and would liked scanned bigger, I'll do my best.

I also got several chibi action figures. One was a Rin/Archer set, and they are adorable (and OTP); the other bunch was three Final Fantasy figures, one of Squall, one of Rinoa, and one of Penelo. So cute.

Finally, I got two doujinshi, continuing my trend of picking up clean doujin from the porn rack at conventions. One was a very prettily-drawn Locke/Celes; the other was a hilarious Fran/Balthier. I wouldn't say the latter is entirely clean, since there's plenty of nudity, but there's no on-page sex, just lots of jokes and the two of them being drunk and naked and flirty. Also, abusing Vaan.

Oh yeah, and for free, I got three Sweeney Todd posters. YES. I am so excited for that movie I think I could burst. But then I wouldn't get to see it! Oh, these cruel paradoxes.

Anyway, I close with what appears to be the cutest video ever. I actually teared up from the cuteness while watching it.

Crow mothers kitten. It's true. And adorable.