December 9th, 2007

big grin, Avatar, smile, Aang/Katara

Avatar and other fictions

So, I've watched up to Avatar 2x02. This obviously does not make me an expert. I haven't even met Toph yet, or Mai and Ty Lee, and I'm sure I'll love all of them. But man, I love it already. Collapse )

Despite Avatar, I haven't given up on other fandoms. Earlier today, I started watching Season 4 of the Wire at long, long last. This show is so damned amazing, I need to rattle my friendslist until more of you watch it. >:O I'm going to watch at least another episode later tonight. I have a terrible, terrible feeling that the kids this season are going to break my heart, and I will love it and beg for more.

Finally, I also haven't given up on my comics fandoms. I will pimp out postboot Legion of Super-Heroes some more, and you will like it. Then, just for the mood whiplash, I'll upload lots of Hellblazer. Soon. And everyone will see my idiotic love for John Constantine.