December 14th, 2007



So, I had an idea.

This was partly spun off me reading The Alien Years, by Robert Silverberg, which is one of the most dreadfully sexist books I've read in a long time--when I finish it (sigh), I'll rant about why.

It's partly inspired by all the BLAH BLAH GIRLS SUCK NO THEY DON'T I'M NOT SEXIST YOU ARE shit flying on fandomsecrets lately.

But it's also just something I'm interested in.

Would you be interested--and do you think a sustainable number of other people would be interested--if I created an LJ community devoted in general to discussing treatment of gender in fiction and fandom and, in specific, to reclaiming female characters and encouraging women-positive messages in fiction and fandom?

You'd think this would have been done already. If it has been, I can't find it (please link me if you know it's been done). Maybe other feminists are not as pathetically obsessed with fandom as I am, and when they want to do something to help women, they actually go out and help women instead of rambling about fandom. But, well, I talk about this stuff enough anyway. This would give me a positive outlet for it.