May 10th, 2008

Prez, weary, drained

some notes.

To anyone and everyone who commented on my last post, thank you. It helped a lot to have some people there for me, even possible axe murderers over a series of tubes.

My mother was more human after getting more sleep, although I'm still frustrated with her, but I'd rather not get into my parent issues here. (I'm sure I'll do so in a later post!)

I'm coping. So is Othello--he's been hanging out around me (his designated acceptable human) even more than usual, and whenever I climbed into bed to lie down, he scrambled up after me and curled up next to my head.

Christopher was the best cat ever, I say from my biased perspective. My parents were annoyed by how he refused to leave us alone, but I almost never was. I liked that he insisted on talking at us all the time, that he had to follow us around, that he'd jump into our laps at a moment's notice.

I keep thinking that there was more we could have done. If we'd realized earlier that the local vet was an idiot, we could have treated the IBD before it devastated his insides and left him vulnerable. If I'd learned to drive like my parents kept telling me to, I could have rushed him to the emergency clinic in Iselin as soon as I realized how sick he was this morning. It just seems like there were so many things we did wrong.

I don't know. But I'm glad people online were there for me, at least.