September 6th, 2008

Athrun/Cagalli, lol fandom, catty


So I decided to make the last few secrets for fandomsecrets that have been bugging me, then get the hell out of Dodge, by which I mean the Troll Cavern, by which I mean the land of FEMINISTS SUCK AND GIRLS HAVE COOTIES AND I CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO THINK BECAUSE IT HUUUUURTS, by which I mean the fandomsecrets community.

I was going to make more, but then I realized: I hate it when people post angry opinions disguised as secrets, and that's what a lot of these would be. I actually am not ashamed of them. So instead, I'm going to just post them here.

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Some other stuff, before I forget:
--Am up to the epilogue of Velvet's book in Odin Sphere. After relentless grinding and much dining out, she is at HP Level 40. She's a few levels behind in Psypher, though. I think when I replay the various books, I'll swap to the Japanese voice tracks for variety.
--Velvet is really distracting to watch. It's not that she's that her jiggle is not nearly as unrealistic and bizarre as Odette's, the most prominent offender of this type until Velvet's book. She still jiggles more than a real woman would (possibly because she dresses in scarves and chains rather than anything practical), but her boobs move as if they were part of her chest rather than wild animals sealed inside airbags and leashed to her body. It's unexpected.
--Spending nearly five hours straight working on my Simon/Nia essay wiped out my creativity pretty badly yesterday. I suck. I was going to get the second draft done over the weekend, but I think it'll have to wait for next week. Hopefully I'll still be done with the whole thing by the end of that week, though.
--Going into NYC tomorrow. Delicious dumplings await.