January 15th, 2009

kitton, mew, Chi, ooh shiny

This is what kittens are for.

It's snowing outside; it's coming down thick and fast.

Earlier, Cordelia was perched in the big bay window at the back of the house, staring raptly at the snow, twisting her head back and forth to follow it. Sometimes she'd race back and forth along the window. Every so often, she would jump! to try to catch one, only to be thwarted by the glass.

Then she'd do it again.

In less pleasant news: Persona 4, I love you, you're a very fun game (although I prefer the setting, atmosphere, and characters of Persona 3). But I'm already pissed off about how you handled Kanji; do not go this direction with the latest character. Please, don't. Please...yeah, you're going to do it anyway.

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