August 29th, 2009



I have acquired the first season of True Blood. After I finish Mai-HiME, that will be my next watching project.

I am up through episode 18 of Mai-HiME. Current status: my favorites are Midori (by far) and Takumi (surprise! Well, not such a surprise considering the stuff he admits in episode 17, but it was a surprise to me, at least). I am shipping Akira/Takumi like burning, loving Haruka/Yukino, highly intrigued by Midori/Nao (for no good reason, since it's not like they particularly interact much, but I really want to RP Midori against a Nao), and looking forward to seeing the crazy that goes down with Shizuru/Natsuki.

After True Blood, I will probably go back to anime lesbians with Ga-Rei Zero, since it's short.

After that, I may return to live-action TV for Nurse Jackie, because while just from what I've heard some things about it will irritate me (the usual half-assed handling of pills and addiction, in particular), I really like the idea of a show about a nurse instead of a doctor getting to be a compelling antihero for once.

However, I have four other options for either before or after that: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Full Metal Panic (at least the first season), Terra e... (so that I can watch a genuinely good anime for once instead of a cheesy but compelling one), and Mai-Otome. So we'll see.