ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

The Buttplug Conversation

[09:32] ohj no talimar: This led to discussions of what various people and videogame characters would have out the back of their buttplugs.
[09:32] ohj no talimar: And now the crux of it all.
[09:32] ohj no talimar: What would Kakashi have out the back of his buttplug?
[09:32] ohj no talimar: :D*
[09:32] Queer Sweven: if you're going to talk about--NO
[09:33] Queer Sweven:'d be a copy of icha icha
[09:33] ohj no talimar: In case of emergencies, I imagine.
[09:33] Queer Sweven: He can't ever be without his porn.
[09:33] ohj no talimar: So he'd be literally pulling porn out of his ass.
[09:33] Queer Sweven: jflksdfjksdl yes
[09:34] ohj no talimar: I imagine out the back of Jiraiya's would be Tsunade's arm, because Jiraiya offered a buttplug with a shotglass on the end to Tsunade and nature took its course.
[09:34] Queer Sweven: ...yeah, that makes sense.
[09:34] Queer Sweven: please don't make me think about gai's
[09:34] ohj no talimar: JUMPSUIT
[09:34] Queer Sweven: fd;slfjkdsl
Tags: funny, twisted

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