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Woke up at two in the afternoon. Feeling much better in that I'm no longer feeling like I have a high fever (despite barely having one at all), although my throat is still sore.

Working on Part 2 of the Great Naruto Fandom Rant. Amusing myself by giving cute names to Naruto's story arcs.

#1: Introductory Arc, or OMG THEY'RE NINJA
#2: Wave Country Arc, or HAY GISE LOOK HOW BADASS KAKASHI IS (p.s. zabuza isn't really a pedophile probably maybe)
#3: Chuunin Exams Arc, or Did I Mention This One's Going To Take A While?
#3a: First Exam Sub-Arc, or hay look other ninja besides our heroes
#3b: Forest of Death Sub-Arc, or Now Sasuke's Fucked, But At Least Sakura Isn't Annoying Anymore
#3c: Third Exam Preliminaries Sub-Arc, or Oh God, Each Fight Is Going To Take At Least A Chapter, Isn't It?
#3d: Interlude/Training Sub-Arc, or In Which Jiraiya Is Cool And Kakashi Is An Ass
#3e: Third Exam Sub-Arc, or These Fights Are Going To Take Even Longer
#4: Attack on Konoha Arc, or Okay, These Fights Make The Previous Ones Seem Short
#5: Godaime/Rasengan Arc, or Jiraiya Likes Boobies
#5a: Itachi Sub-Arc, or Coma Time!
#5b: Tsunade Introductory Sub-Arc, or Boobies + Angst = Fun!
#5c: Sannin Fight Sub-Arc, or Cultural Symbolism, I Summon You!
#6: Runaway Sasuke Arc, or Sassy UkexBucket OTP
#6a: Naruto vs. Sasuke Part 1 Sub-Arc, or Why Is His Ninja Dick So Much Bigger Than Mine?
#6b: Shikamaru's Mission Sub-Arc, or Sasuke Rescue Rangers, Go!
#6c: Naruto vs. Sasuke Part 2 Sub-Arc, or My God, It's Full Of Flashback
#7: Kakashi Gaiden, or Well There Goes The Obito = Head Of Akatsuki Theory
#8: Akatsuki Arc, or Inner Demons: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
#8a: Sand vs. Akatsuki Sub-Arc, or Sucks To Be Gaara

Yeah, I know, I should probably be doing something more useful with my time.
Tags: funny, naruto

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