ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
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Because it amused me way too much.

Then he looks up and sees...Tayuya, Curse Seal Level 2. He blinks. He stares. For a long moment, fraught with the tensions of the battlefield (even if in this case it's more a swamp than a field), he seems quite surprised.

And then a huge grin spreads over his face. "So that's what Curse Seal Level 2 looks like! It suits you, firecrotch." He gives her a quick thumbs up. "You're pretty hot like this! Hey--" He perks as an idea comes to him. "Do your..." He makes cupping motions at about chest height. "...get bigger in this form?"


In other news, I'll probably post a public update on the status of my fanfictions later. Will also get cracking on animarelic's giftfic.

Didn't get as much sleep as I wanted, so now my throat is killing me ded. But amusing RP makes up for it. I rarely get into combat RP as Jiraiya on damnninjamux, because there are too few characters I couldn't twinkily turn into paste, but when they're willing, it's way too fun. XD
Tags: damn ninja mux, funny, naruto, roleplay, twisted

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