ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool


Six favorite songs just at this moment:
1. October Project -- Funeral in His Heart aka the ultimate Kakashi themesong yay.
2. October Project -- Deep As You Go aka the ultimate SasuSaku themesong yay.
3. Hamasaki Ayumi -- Over aka the ultimate KakaRin themesong yay.
4. Queensryche -- Surgical Strike aka my tinyKakashi themesong yay.
5. Suzanne Vega -- Pilgrimage aka the themesong for the Rin-viewpoint fanfic I have to write.
6. Cats Laughing -- For It All aka one of the songs on my Hellblazer FST.

Poor Constantine is so overwhelmed by my Naruto fandom at the moment. :(

Anyone else who wants to do the meme may consider themselves tagged.
Tags: memes, music

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