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I see LJ has given us a new shiny to play with. Yay, shinies.

Yesterday morning a family friend dropped by to say that since his sailing partner had died, did I want to learn to sail? I said why not, so I'll be getting up early tomorrow (boy, there's my 'why not,' huh) and going down to the shore to sail. This means early-ish bedtime tonight, and I won't be around until mid-afternoon tomorrow--which is of course entirely normal for me, but in this case I'll have been doing something other than sleeping.

And yes, I do plan to see Batman Begins. If my parents won't take me, why then I'll go by myself, dammit. Well, if the local place is showing it, anyway. Otherwise I'm pretty much screwed.

Request: can someone find (or take) a particular screenshot from FLCL for me? I would love/sex/whatever you forever. It's from the second episode, and I think it happens between the sixth and eighth minute (on the version Adult Swim aired, anyway). Canti is doing Cool Shit, and as Mamimi watches him with her kitten on her shoulder, the two of them for a moment acquire this wide-eyed 'ooooh, shiny' look that fills the screen. That's the shot I want.

Time to go tag everything!
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