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Ugh I can't concentrate on my writing. Been that way for a while. Can't concentrate on anything much. Maybe I need to go back to taking Ritalin/Concerta as well as the Zoloft and Welbutrin...but for now, I need to find other ways to encourage myself to focus.

As some of you may already be aware, my E drive--where all my music, comics, anime, etc is--is currently disconnected from my computer, and it's not easy to hook back up. So I'm asking--well, this mostly applies to my Naruto-obsessed friends, so I'll cut it for the benefit of everybody else. What I'm asking is that you send me music (over AIM, through YouSendIt, whatever works best) that you think suits either Kakashi in general or the mood of the fanfic (if you've read it). Here are the ones already on my tempKakashi playlist:
1. Toshiro Masuda - Alone (1:43)
2. Counting Crows - She Don't Want Nobody Near (3:08)
3. Akeboshi - Wind (3:41)
4. Hound Dog - Rocks (4:56)
5. Asian Kung - Haruka Kanata (4:02)
6. Toshiro Masuda - Raikiri (Thunder Break) (1:55)
7. Toshiro Masuda - Grief and Sorrow (2:55)
8. Suzanne Vega - Pilgrimage (5:11)
9. Bel Canto - A Shoulder to the Wheel (4:16)
10. Hamasaki Ayumi - Over (5:05)
11. October Project - Funeral In His Heart (3:32)
12. Queensrÿche - Surgical Strike (3:22)
13. Savatage - Alone You Breathe (7:29)
14. Savatage - Handful of Rain (5:01)
15. Toshiro Masuda - Kakashi's Theme (1:30)

Anything else is much appreciated. :<
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