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Aw man, I woke up at 6:30 pm today. :< Then Othello hopped into bed with me and I spent the next half hour cuddling him instead of getting up and getting dressed. KITTY.

So I'm going to stay up until tomorrow night, as I have been doing an awful lot lately. There's just really no other option at this point. Then I'll go to sleep as per usual, making sure my parents wake me up at a reasonable time the next day. That night, I'll start taking the Ambien.

Hopefully, that should get me on the road to fixing my sleep schedule. Once that's done, my mood should be more stable, and I can start on the road to Actually Doing Things. Like learning to drive. On the MU* front, I can finish up that plot for the pirates (I am SO SORRY guys, man am I unreliable for plotfoo), finish files for rosemush, and set Vincent up on flegends.

Was reading through my old Ed logs last night. Now I'm definitely playing him on rosemush. I miss that little punk. And he'd go so great with all the steampunk on CR. I just hope I get a decent Al (one who is willing to put up with my angst but will also give me a smack if I go overboard), Winry (one who understands that I don't think romance is anywhere near the forefront of Ed's mind, and in fact that he won't fall madly in love with Winry after two scenes, because goddamn does he have issues), and Roy (one who can live up to such noble predecessors as kouryoku and greenwings) in particular.

More details on my rosemush plans for alts:

First alt: Uchiha Sasuke. He's in Isfet, and he's going to be a Daedal Hunter. I'm taking him from an alternate continuity starting shortly after the present one. He'll be seventeen, having killed Orochimaru and fled at sixteen, spent the next several months preparing to face Itachi, and then...when he did face Itachi, things got kind of messy and then he wound up in the Rose and he's not sure whether he killed Itachi or Itachi killed him. I have a potential Itachi (once work lets up on her) and Sakura (once she gets back into Naruto fandom). Naruto is a little more iffy, since as great as kbrighton is, he can have trouble with activity. Kakashi is up in the air, as I know lstone was interested, but as things stand I'm not sure whether he still wants the character. No Orochimaru yet, and that pretty much covers characters who'd be key to Sasuke, I think. Other taken Naruto characters: Hayate, Hinata, Tayuya. Two people have expressed interest in Ino. I think that's it, unless I'm forgetting anybody.

Second alt: Edward Elric. He's in Logos, and he's going to be a state-sponsored researcher. I'm taking him from the moment in episode 41/42 where he meets Sloth. Watch me abuse the soul engines for angst! I swear, I won't have him angsting at everybody, though. Just people who want it. He has issues, but he's more likely to be angry than angsty about them. Usually. I know atrocity was interested in playing Roy, but even she does go ahead with it, it'll be a while. Have had people express interest in Al, but I'm not sure if any of them will actually do it. Winry is completely up for grabs. Of the rest of the cast, we have a Lust if she decides to go through with it, and two people have expressed interest in Hawkeye, although I think both of them are more interested in other things right now. Other than that, unless I'm forgetting something, the FMA cast is free.

Third alt: Kuchiki Rukia. Seijaku, not sure exactly what she'll be doing, but I do know that her Blessing will be a sort of false-Zanpakutou that restores some of her shinigami powers. Taking her from continuity at...some point designed to maximize angst, although once again, I will not inflict it on anyone who doesn't want it. Her associated characters are uncertain at the moment. kbrighton has expressed interest in Ichigo, but again I run up against the activity issue. I have attempted to lure bastardized into playing Byakuya, but I don't know if she'll go for it. tim_almasy mentioned an interest in Renji, but again, nothing for sure. zinthos and ashchan will probably want to play somebody, but I don't know yet.

Fourth alt: John Constantine. Yeah. Mana for him, all the way. Not sure what he'll actually be doing, though. As for cast--he's not really the sort of character who depends on it, but I wouldn't say no to a Gemma, and it'd be neat to have a Lady Johanna Constantine.

Fifth alt (oh god stop me now): Trouver Yeselt, my native OC. Unaligned ex-Knight. Bitter, foul-mouthed, and aggressive, with a dented but still deeply chivalrous heart. Her mindplague is that if she doesn't concentrate constantly, psychic dragons come out of her head and attack everyone around her. They killed her family, in fact. :D But she doesn't usually manifest this as angst. Instead, she's just bitter. She'll probably be helping out with a shelter in Izanagi's Mirror or something.


I think I will make icons and attempt to write files for rosemush tonight.
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