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As tempted as I am to post an entry consisting of nothing but "bat" repeated five hundred times, well--I suspect you get the point.

That was the best movie I've seen in ages. It was also the first in a looooong time where my parents and I all agreed that the movie was fantastic.

They finally got it right.

and aaaaah I love Bale's Batman so hard. He captures the character so beautifully and it makes me feel guilty for never reading much of the comic. (I think I read "The Killing Joke" and that's it.)

And the villains. AAAAAAAH


Okay, now that I've got that behind me: the plot was so-so, but I think it needed to be; anything more complex would have gotten crumpled up beneath the weight of setting up the characters. Which they did perfectly.

I want the next one SO BAD. So very, very bad.
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