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It's amazing the way not having my usual keyboard can fuck with my mood. See, my new 'desk' is the top of a cabinet, and it's way too small to fit an additional keyboard in, so I have to use the one built into the laptop. It's making me really crabby.

I'm also starting to feel really stupid for my IchiRuki fandom, because Obviously I Am A Dumb Fangirl Who Thinks The Series Is A Silly Shoujo Thingy if I like their chemistry.

Goddamn fandom. I'm staying in Naruto fandom, where even if there are ten million scary awful fangirls, at least I'm not one of them. Yeah, I hear you typing, people who saw that line and started writing up a Snide Aside to your friends about how utterly clueless I am about my own obnoxious fangirlism.
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