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Fanfiction Ideas

This is going to be my third stickypost, along with the fandom one and the fanart one. Oh boy I'm such a geek! Here, I'll keep track of my fanfic ideas and projects. My top priorities are also marked as such, as are fics that are already [in progress]. I am unlikely to ever again write for fandoms that are struck out, unless extenuating circumstances arise; fandoms that are italicized are mostly dead but may have enough power to draw me back in occasionally; fandoms that are current are bolded. Let's be honest, though: I'm unlikely to ever get to the vast majority of these.

* * *

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Azula/Ty Lee fic for a_white_rain: many years in the future, Azula considers humility and the repairing of relationships, and Ty Lee forgives.
The dreams of the Gaang.

Post-Serenity trio of ficlets about the River/Simon/Kaylee relationship. [In progress]
Post-Serenity chaptered fic, "Wisdom to Know the Difference."

Brief House-perspective diatribe, "Denial."
Missing scene from "House Versus God."

Final Fantasy IV
Cute little Edge/Rydia piece. [In progress]

Final Fantasy VIII
Pre-game fic about Seifer and Squall's relationship, in Garden and in the orphanage.
Post-game ficlet about Laguna returning to Winhill.
Sequel to "Horizons Burning," told from Seifer's POV several years in the future.
Mid-game snapshot of Squall and Rinoa dealing with small, cute, deadly animals.
Giant epic sequelfic.

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Character study: Nooj through the eyes of the women who love him.

Final Fantasy XII
Larsa/Penelo post-game as they introduce each other to their different worlds. [In progress]
Fran/Balthier action/adventure involving a doomsday cult getting their hands on one of those grimoires and the pirates having to stop them.

Kingdom Hearts
FFVI characters (Setzer, Celes, Locke) and the Gizmo Shop.
Fic based around Riku/Sora/Kairi that also ties into Axel/Roxas and Roxas/Namine. Possibilities and infinity.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Clair/Nel trilogy part I: "Tattoos," Nel becoming a full-fledged symbologist.
Clair/Nel trilogy part II: "Love in Wartime." What it sounds like.
Clair/Nel trilogy part III: "Strength of Two." Albel lusting angrily after Nel.

Study of John's views of innocence.

Legion of Super-Heroes
Wacky shapeshifting hijinks involving an artificial lifeform with a crush on Chameleon. Will feature Lyle/Chameleon.

Serpico tells Casca and Farnese their story, cast as a fairytale.
Serpico and Farnese, in the dark and naked while everyone else races out for a big battle. Vaguely smutty.
Casca post-healing: her refusal to let go of her sword. Only Farnese can help her.
Casca post-healing: she only wants to touch Farnese.
Post-series futurefic: Casca struggles to come to terms with Guts's and Griffith's deaths and move on with the departing Farnese and Serpico.
Casca fights Serpico for the right to protect Farnese. May be folded into the above idea.

YoruSoi smut for autumnflame.
Nanao/Rangiku smut for ashchan.
Nanao and Shunsui, along with Yoruichi and Soi Fong, accidentally wind up on a double date.
Aizen+Gin piece. [In progress]
Adorable Rukia/Hanatarou piece. [In progress]
Ishida/Nemu crack about Ishida dying and getting adopted/captured/used for sex by Nemu in Soul Society.
Murder mystery chaptered fic with pairings including IchiHime, IchiRuki, TatsuHime, and pretty much everything else. [In progress]
IchiRuki on-the-run fic, "A Revolution of a Year and a Day." [In progress]
Backstory fic about how Rukia first met Sode no Shirayuki. Snow and rabbits.
Kon adopts ducklings in a search for family before Ichigo takes him back in; birthdayfic for emlan.
IchiRuki on a spaceship; birthdayfic for bravecows. Has morphed into an extensive chapterfic idea.
IchiHime fic about Ichigo and Orihime's intersecting pasts, Hollow!Masaki, and Rukia helping Ichigo out.
Smutty RukiHime about them opening up to each other during their month training together.
ByakuRukiRen about a dying Byakuya for nimriye. [In progress]
Aizen/Hinamori fic about parent-child relationships and crossed boundaries.
IshiHime fic; possible start of an Ishida-centric trilogy. "Ishida dreams in poetry." [In progress]
Orihime and Momo meet, post-HM. Overtones of IchiHime and AizenHina. [In progress]
Rukia organizes Ichigo and Orihime's wedding. Crack and cuteness.

Allen/Rinali futurefic for 31_days. "So keep your silence, and know: This man, unless slain, is fated to die."
Post-series Allen/Rinali hurt/comfort.

Fate/Stay night
Long fic shuttling between a post-Grail War scenario where Rin resummons Archer because she's lonely and Archer's experience in the previous Grail War.
Possibly chaptered fic involving Rin as a Caster working together under an evil Master with Archer.

Fruits Basket
Momiji decides to wear girls' uniforms again; his reasons and his preparations.
Tohru asks Uotani and Hanajima to give her away at her wedding.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy/Riza ficlets for 30_kisses. [In progress]
Lust/Havoc crack. [In progress]
Multi-chaptered post-series AU-continuity fanfic with Roy/Riza subtext (that occasionally intrudes on the actual-text).

Gundam 00
Androids don't dream at all, actually: Lockon, Tieria, and multiple dysfunctional ways of coping. [In progress]
Setsuna studies Lockon through Celestial Being's morning routines, and remembers.
Post-series AU Lockon/Tieria for purposes of gratuitous awkwardness, dysfunctionality, and sex.
Soma and Marie, their thoughts on Allelujah early in season two.
Hallelujah/Soma chasing each other down through the corridors of the Ptolemaios for fightsex.
Between seasons, Tieria goes through Lockon's files and finds his stash of stalking material on Lyle.
Louise/Nena ghost!hatesex.
Lyle's motivations cohering over the timeskip.
Gratuitous moe Setsuna/Tieria/Feldt sex.
Rewrite of Lyle/Anew as doomed spy love. [In progress]
Lockon's feelings on Tieria, in bits and pieces from the beginning.
Lockon and his relationship with one little orange robot. [In progress]
Complicated role-reversal AU, up to the point where the main characters go to retrieve Setsuna. [In progress]
Shirin/Marina recounting of their relationship through the series. [In progress]
Serious exploration of some of Setsuna's trauma, with eventual Setsuna/Feldt.
Anew rebuilds herself out of Lyle.
Veda!Tieria accidentally creates an Innovade with what's left of Anew's soul in it. She stalks Lyle. Weirdness ensues.
Various spinoffs from the Lockon/Tieria AU.

Gundam SEED
R-rated Dearka/Miriallia piece involving sweat, angst, and ruins. [In progress]
Complex AU futurefic centering around Fllay, "Violent Dreams." [In progress]
Mwu character study. [In progress]
AU-ish Lacus/Fllay[/Kira].
Weird post-series fic about ghosts on board the Archangel, mainly Fllay- and Mwu-centric.
Cagalli-centric character study, mainly Athrun/Cagalli.
Fllay-centric chapter fic for 5trueloves with a Kira/Fllay/Lacus frame story surrounding chapters about Fllay/Sai, Fllay/Lacus, Fllay/Kira, and Fllay/Yzak.
Mwu/Murrue semi-pr0n about love and damage.
Cracky post-SEED fic where Lacus dreams of a foursome while helping to clean up after the war.
Silly Lacus/Cagalli smut involving the two of them watching security footage of Athrun and Kira groping each other at a party.
Fllay, her father issues, and Kira for 31_days. "Your place in my heart is the whole of my heart."

Gundam Wing
How Heero is the first real thing Relena has known.

Macross Frontier
"The difference between 17 and 15." Ranka-perspective OT3 piece.
Sheryl's dreams.

Akira and Takumi: apple slices and vignettes.
Shizuru unlearns internalized homophobia as best she can, while learning Natsuki.
Shizuru and Haruka in college: now competing on a new level.

"Forest for the Trees," angsty KakaRin backstory.
"Spiral Out," aka Nin Wars, complicated futurefic. [In progress]
TemaShika/InoChou SANDWICH FIC (all your fault friendpersonpat).
TemaShika shadowbondage. [In progress]
Horrible ItaSakuSasu for the purpose of hurting atrocity. [In progress]
More Kakashi backstory, this time on the theme of vengeance.
Freakiness on Kakashi and the Sharingan. [In progress]
Shakespeare with ninjas.
Various spinoffs from "Spiral Out"; SasuSaku, NaruHina, TemaShika, and assorted gen. [In progress]
SasuSaku pieces for 30_kisses. [In progress]
Sequel to "Lady Uchiha"; will include KakaSaku.
Twisty wrong little KakaSaku piece as suggested by atrocity.
Prequel to one of sna32's KakaRin fics.
Character study of Sakura over the timeskip. [In progress]
Part two of my Kakashi trilogy; no pairings.
Part three of my Kakashi trilogy; chaptered, Kakashi/Yuugao (!).
Team 7 OT3 for muffytaj.
Kakashi-centric/NaruSasu fic for sadieko containing the line, "Actually, the still living part is always the hardest. Dead people don't have to decide what to do next."
Team Ramen humor for kisanthe.
NejiTenLee threesome. [In progress]
TemaSaku crack involving crossdressing and secrets.
Another SasuSaku piece, this time involving a psychological genjutsu, for a future contest. [In progress]
LeeTen humor about why having sex with Lee has troubling consequences.
Lengthy AU (actual alternate universe for once) noir-ish InoSaku tale. [In progress]
"Kunoichi Means--", a study of the girls in general.
InoSaku smut futurefic inspired by some ideas from the noir AU. [In progress]
Freakish idea involving Sasuke going into a coma and waking up in an alternate universe where his wife is secretly Naruto.
Sick wrong SasuSaku idea about an AU stemming from a timeline where Sasuke accidentally does kill Naruto at the Valley of the End.
Sick wrong NaruSaku idea where Naruto and Sakura have sex on Sasuke's grave.
InoChou involving food as courting device and, possibly, small cute children; birthdayfic for sadieko.
NaruSasu AU where Naruto is a maverick devil, Sasuke is a fallen angel, and Sakura is hired by the forces of Heaven and Hell to track them down.
SasuSaku piece about Naruto and Sakura bringing Sasuke home from far-away lands all tied up in a trunk.
Gai tells Lee about the one time Sasuke helped him out, and Lee becomes determined help Sakura hook up with Sasuke.
InoSaku action for naruto_yurithon.
Sakura-centric SasuSaku involving flowers and the importance of scent. [In progress]
SasuSaku about Sasuke's reaction to Sakura repeatedly miscarrying his child. Now with more Ino interaction.
Naru+SasuSaku piece about a broken post-return Sasuke, his self-loathing, and his fumbling love for his teammates. "I am nothing, you are wind and devil and God."

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Simon recreating moments of Nia in his mind. The hanged man and the other side of the spiral.
Timeskip fic of Kittan's sisters teaching Nia how to come on to Simon.
Nia-centric fic about the time she spent with Simon between the last fight and their wedding. The choices she made.
The Kamina fic of unexpected gender stuff.
Post-epilogue Simon(/Nia!) hurt/comfort.
Various fics for the apartment AU.

Toward the Terra
The gravity-metaphor dream-invasion fic. [In progress]
Ten times Keith Anyan could have smiled, and one time he did.
The time Matsuka kissed Keith, and the consequences.
The fic where Keith deliberately withholds kisses and later regrets it.
Terrible wrong gloveporn.
Slightly less terrible wrong porn.
Sentimental Leo/Jomy thing from Leo POV.

The Hunger Games
Katniss's first happy dream in a long time: Prim and Rue together.
Futurefic: Katniss deals with Buttercup's death.
Johanna: how she came to lose everything.
The Iris timeline: what Kirraska's name means. Chiaroscuro.
The Iris timeline: what Iris's name means.
The Iris timeline: Kirraska decides to be a doctor.
The Iris timeline: what constitutes their extended family. Haymitch, Johanna, Annie & son.
Cinna: how he came to ask for District 12.
Religion (or the lack thereof) in Panem.

* * *

Actual fanfiction may vary.
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