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Final word about the Cat Not On Fire mess.

There are organizations in my area that are devoted to taking care of abused, neglected, or abandoned pets, as well as unfortunate strays. Some of them are no-kill, and the people involve actually take animals into their own homes if necessary. It's from one of these--an organization called Noah's Ark--that we got our beautiful babies.

Now, Noah's Ark is no longer in existence, I think--I believe it splintered into several different similar organizations. I have no money to give them, so I can't do that--but I do have lots of free time. I think I might look into volunteering with one of these groups over the summer. If that works out, and I find a trustworthy, stable, reliable group, I may set up a (verifiable) fund to take in donations for this organization.

If city_glitter had really wanted to do something to demonstrate (and increase) people's faith in humanity, she could have done the above. It would have gotten her attention, too, and positive attention, because she'd have deserved it. Instead, she chose to deceive hundreds of people, treating them like pieces in her amusing little games, and on top of that, she genuinely hurt people she considered friends--which proves that it's not just the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (thank you, sirusavi) at work, but also a genuine lack of concern for people's feelings. I've had little to do with her in the past, and I want even less to do with her in the future.

Now, for happier mewnews:
The actual injured kitty, one of raiu's kittens, is back, and she's going to be okay.

Since I moved my computer into my bedroom, my mews have been so puzzled. They've been spending more time in here with me, yes, but damn, are they confused about it. Othello just wanders around in bemusement before curling up somewhere, as per usual; Christopher, on the other hand, wanders in and YOW YOW YOWs at me repeatedly. How dare you change your routine, and thus mine as well? How dare you?!
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