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Following suit: TIG alts.

My planned characters for ineffablegame, since we'll be opening for playtesting soon, and hopefully for real not too long after that.

Robin Sena: I'm taking her as one of my starting two because she's been in the Dream for almost two decades and she probably holds a position of considerable IC import--I'm thinking she holds the rune Dagaz. Who patrons her? Phoenix, probably, although Lord knows she doesn't need a gift; she's overpowered enough as it is. I need to rewatch the show so I don't fuck her up completely, but the basic gist of TIG!Robin is that the last thing she remembers of her world is her and Amon trying to escape from the factory before it collapsed; she doesn't know whether she lived or died (primarily because she doesn't want to know). She decided that maybe this was her chance to put her past behind her and live relatively normally, and so she stayed in a nice Promethean suburb for about nine years. Until the Darkening. Then all her guilt and angst came snapping back, she became convinced that she had Sinned Deeply by being quiet and relatively normal for the past nine years, and she ran off to Golden Hall to atone by serving Phoenix as best she can (since she's decided that Phoenix is just a different way of looking at the familiar Christian God). So yeah, she's fucked up. Amon's appearance will be delightful. oneironaut, I'm looking at you.

Maes Hughes: AKA the guy in my icons. Must play him soon yes NOW. He'll be sponsored by Bluejay, technically, but he'll start off in Winterheart. Why? Well, it goes something like this.
Bluejay says, "Mine." <3
Killdeer says, "Mine." <3
Cuckoo says, "...?"
Bluejay says, "Mine! Did you see those knives?"
Killdeer says, "Mine! Did you see those pictures?"
Cuckoo hmm!
Bluejay says, "Did you see the way he fought?"
Killdeer says, "Did you see the way he died?"
Cuckoo says, "*boot into Winterheart!*"
Bluejay and Killdeer, "Well, shit."

He'll leave Winterheart eventually--in fact, fairly soon, I think. They're keeping him there by menacingly informing him that they have his family and if he wants to ever see them again he should do as they say; he doesn't believe this for a second--they'd string him along with more proof if they really had his family--but he's sticking around for a while just in case, and also because quietly making himself all harmless-looking in the middle of Winterheart Intelligence is a great way to learn things. But he's miserable there, and miserable is so not a characteristic state for him (yes, yes, I've fixated on a character whose default state is 'happy whee yay!', I don't know how it happened either), so he'll be leaving soon. He probably gets a pretty stealth gift from Bluejay, since other than that he's completely !powered, although still totally badass.

Once I can take more alts, there's also:
Auron: Probably sponsored by Eagle, although I doubt I'll bother giving him a separate gift; I can't say for sure where he'll be. Probably wherever he thinks Tidus and Yuna are most likely to show up. He might wander between Promethea and Middleton. He's good with the wandering. Not sure when I'll take him; I suspect it depends on when I get around to replaying FFX. He'll be very cranky in the Dream, though. Very, very cranky. Not that he isn't anyway. But dammit, he was done and then these gods swiped him.

Rincewind: Totally sponsored by Albatross. I don't know if he'll ever manifest a gift. He'll probably never find it out, because well, that's just typical. He'll be quietly pushing papers in Winterheart; eventually they may wind up pushing him into a more active job, which he'll sullenly accept, because he knows that if he tries to run away from it, he'll just get into worse trouble.

Sweeney Todd: The Sondheim version. Yeah, yeah, I'm on crack. But he'd make such an awesome barber in Middleton. :D Since TIG characters tend to come from the end of their stories, and Todd is no exception, he wouldn't be a mass-murdering lunatic. He'd be a grim, angst-ridden, deeply repentant man who wants nothing more than to find his wife and daughter (that makes two of my alts with the same goal, except the other one is way saner) and apologize for that whole 'blood-soaked killing spree' thing. Except his experiences have left him with somewhat unsteady sanity and a really twisted sense of humor. But he won't be cutting throats! Probably. I'm not sure who his patron is, though. One of the evil gods might bring him over hoping he'll continue his killing spree, then abandon him when it becomes clear that he won't, but who picks him up afterwards?
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